Thursday, September 1, 2011

BGG to Shoes

My fellow wide footed friends! Why do we tourer ourselves? Oh I know I'm a 10-11, but these 9.5 CRAZY HEELS look like they'll stretch out... (I'm totally not kidding, check these bad boys out)
YES that does say 9 1/5, and YES the tag is still on them, and NO i haven't worn them out of the house yet... But they were on sale!

And in the words of Kurt Vonnegut, So it goes. It would be embarrassing to tell you how many times this scenario has been played out for girls of all foot sizes. Like the ugly step sisters we cram and cut and squish our feet so we can walk, excuse me, hobble around in what might look like the perfect shoe.

Fortunately I've learned from my past mistakes, and have a few brands I'd like to share with ya that have a great fit for big feeties and won't break your toes...or your bank account.

Ah Blowfish, how I love thee, let me count the ways... One would be my Garren platform sandles.
You traversed the beaches of Mexico with me, you've trolled the streets of san francisco, and unlike my G.Lable wooden platforms you have yet to fall apart, cut up my feet, or get really super nasty foot stainies...ew. I could keep counting, but we gotta lot of ground to cover, so I'll just say this; I have five pairs of Blowfish Malibu brand shoes, and I will continue to purchase more. Every pair of blowfish I've bought have worn in beautifully, so my feet are happy AND pretty. With blowfish I would stick to their leather/pleather material shoes, since I've heard the corduroy flats have less of a stretch in factor. The best part for me though is that they carry SIZE 11! For those of you who are gifted with good ankles, their booties like the Blythe and Willis are great and can be styled all sortsa different ways. Try with solid tights and ankle socks for a fun layered look for fall, or tuck in your skinny jeans, throw on a dolmen top and some fun necklaces and you're ready to go!
Here are a few links to some of the other stylish size friendly styles that I feel are a must have for any season:
Heda Heels
Turn Boots
Blythe Booties

Looking for a style with a bit of an androgynous twist? I always am. Oxford style shoes and oxford heel hybrids reek of class and style IMPO. I've gone to thrift stores and gotten pairs of actual men's shoes to quell this need, but I always felt a little weird walking in another man's shoes... who knows where those tootsies have traveled...But my Miz Mooz Hadley's do the trick without the risk of fungley friends. Miz Mooz designs seem to get a little clunky at times, so I would stick to the classic with this brand. When you have larger feet you sometimes don't want to draw too much attention to them. Thinner by stable heels can do the trick, and try not toe do something with too high of an arch. Although from the front it can make the tootsies look tiny, they might seem out of proportion if you have thicker calves.


Now we're getting into some Fancy Footwear. JC takes risks with their designs, which I totally appreciate. However some of the styles are just not curvy girl friendly. Their size 10 does fit on the wider girls foot, but you should beware. Jeffery Campbell shoes should ALWAYS be worn with some sort of sock in place. And if they fit tight in the store, try taking them to a cobbler to have them stretched out, because the process can be painful, although in my opinion worth it for the final result. Their flats are definitely the way to go, but I have to say my favorite style right now are the Cutout Oxford wedges. MERCY!


Ok girls. You've got some brands to check out, now here's what to look for in the store when you want to make sure you're gonna go home with a goodie.

Check the Materials:
- Every shoe should tell you what they're made of, but there's a secret code that can sometimes be hard to figure out. Diamonds = man made while Hide looking thing = Leather. Shoes that are all natural materials will wear in better, but don't be discouraged if the shoes are a bit more animal friendly. Canvas' also give, as well as linen. Corduroy not so much (FUN FACT: Toms cuts their corduroy shoes a bit bigger than the regular classic canvas, so no need to worry about a fit faux pas!)

- Walk a few laps! If you're shopping in a store that sells shoes and clothes, check out the shoe section first. When you find a pair you're interested in, wear them around the store while you shop, take them into the fitting rooms, walk around in circles and see how many compliments you get. The longer you wear them in the store, the better of an idea you'll have about how you'll fair in them out in the real world. Do they start pinching after 10 minutes? Are you sliding forward in them with each step? How easy it is to skip, run, jump, walk up/down stairs in them?

- Don't be afraid to adjust. There are magical products to help with comfort and fit that are NOT prescription shoals... Foot Petals makes stick on inserts for shoes that you can mix and match to create the perfect fit. Some girlies I know get their shoes on the larger side so they can stick a bunch of these bad boys in there and create their own perfect fit. BTW...did you know there are measures you can take to prevent blisters? LIKE OMG FRICTION BLOCKING STICK THINGIE! Why aren't people raving about this? It's like a little deodorant stick for the back of your ankles and I've got girlies who swear by it when wearing in a new pair of heels.

I think that's enough for now. I'm gonna save some of my other styling tips for another blogisode. Now you ladies have fun and remember, if you guys ever need help styling or finding the right fit for shoes you've got a bunch of great ladies to help you at Therapy :)

Hello Big Beautiful World!

Why Hello again interwebs!

Welcome to the first installment of the Big Girl's Guide to Getting Dressed!

First things first, let me introduce myself. I am a manager of a little boutique in San Francisco very fittingly called Therapy. In my time working there I've learned a lot about fashion and how to dress all sorts of body types, and am constintly seraching for more tips and tricks to share.
This blog was born from my inibility to find a source online that talked about the not-so-sought after figures and how to dress them. Girls, I've been everything from a size 6 to a size 22, and not matter how you're built you should be able to feel sexy and stylish in your clothes!

In my line of work, playing personal shopper is by far the best part of the job. I jump at the challenge of a difficult client, and nothing makes me feel prouder than picking out something that looks and feels great on my lady friends. Shopping is an art, and different body types lend themselves better to different cuts, fabrics, hues, etc.

In the Big Girls Guide to Getting Dressed, I'll share street fashion from around the bay, follow trends, talk about skin tones, accessorizing, and most importantly tips on how to shop for great fitting beautiful clothes! Most importantly, this blog should be a little reminder that no matter what size shape or color you might be, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL :)